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Mortisers & Tenoners | Automatic Twin Table Round End Tenoner

C1-K6 | Automatic Twin Table Round End Tenoner

  • Two-table configuration permits machining and workpiece loading at one time for higher efficiency operation
  • Pneumatically operated table and the action of machine on the inside of the protecting guard tenon machining is performed by a traveling cutter with stationary table, ensuring high machining accuracy
  • Tenon depth can be conveniently adjusted without removing the door
  • Convenient setup of tenon directions at horizontal, vertical, and 45? angles
  • Table tilts +5? - 20?. Machine can produce various tenons such as straight, miter, dovetail, beveled, round, and T-shape
  • Centralized control panel provides convenient operation
  • Designed for producing various types of tenons; production rate up to approximately 800 tenons per hour
  • Variable cutter feed speeds suit all types of wood material; automatic cutter brakes while it stops
  • Comprehensive cutter guard for operator safety
  • Cutting area is equipped with a rubber dust guard and rubber below to prevent dust from entering machine
  • Equipped with safety switch and pressure switch for safety protection

  • Tenon width, max. 3.937"+ thickness
  • Tenon thickness, max. 1.181"
  • Tenon d,epth max. 1.969"
  • Hourly production, 600~800 tenons
  • Table area, 12.362" X 14.095"
  • Table tilt (forward), +5?~ -20?
  • Table tilt (lateral), 15?
  • Workpiece fence swiveling, 45?
  • Cutter rotation, 9,000 rpm
  • Cutter motor, 5 hp (3.7 kw)
  • Cycling motor, 0.5 hp (0.4 kw)
  • Machine dimensions, 4.101'l x 4.495'w x 4.429'h
  • Net weight, 1675.51 lbs.

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ci_k6 tenoner