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csi_1.5d pocket cutter Screw Inserter



Face Frame, Boring & Assembly | Pocket Cutter / Screw Inserter

CSI-1.5D | Pocket Cutter / Screw Inserter

  • Castle 6° low angle pocket
  • Patented screw-in-pocket technology
  • Inserted screws sit below flush to prevent marring of adjacent materials when stacked
  • Screw pocket sensing prevents cutting into a loaded pocket and damaged tooling
  • Integrated safety features include: stock sensing switch, shut-off safety switches, cycle time-out, covered foot
  • Switch, and e-stop functionality Easy access for quick tooling changes and service
  • Built in “flip stop” indexing (custom flip stop indexing available)
  • Adjustable feed rate for optimized quality and cycle time for various materials
  • Comes standard with solid carbide router bit and short flute drill bit
  • Hopper feeder stand with screw storage

  • Electrical, 220v or 460v/2.7 hp/ 18000rpm / 300HZ, 120 vac supply for screw feeder
  • Air, 90 psi with min. 3/8” id supply line
  • Dust Collection, 4” duct port
  • Footprint, 35” x 33” (35” x 63” including screw feeder)
  • Working height, 36”
  • Work top area, 33 ” x 35”
  • Machine height, 72”
  • PLC controls, Siemens LOGO
  • Status display, LCD with cycle counter
  • Variable frequency drive, Mitsubishi
  • High frequency pilot drill, 0.44 hp
  • High frequency spindle, 2.7 hp
  • Weight, 925 lbs

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