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t54 surface planer



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T54 | Surface Planer

  • The serial auxiliary fence is already integrated in the surfacing fence, to safely guide small, narrow workpieces over the machine table.
  • Whether you set chip removal or turn the machine on or off – everything is in one place and easily accessible. You can even reach the hollow / V-shaped joint settings from here, the scale shows you the setting.
  • The ball bearing guided planing stop runs softly on hardened rails and without twisting – precisely for years just like on the first day.
  • Even chamfers can be planed in an instant, because with the user-friendly single-handed adjustment every angle between 90° and 45° can be set quickly.
  • The TERSA solid steel cutterblock provides a high degree of quiet running in the precision bearings and the precise fit of the two form-fit reversible blades give an extremely exact knife cutting diameter.
  • The new 3 row Xplane cutterhead (optional) works at a very low noise level and achieves surface qualities which can be reached even on the most difficult woods.
  • The operating elements installed as standard on the infeed table can be provided above the table level on a moving control panel (optional).
  • The chip removal is displayed digitally at a resolution of 0.1 mm and can be precisely set at the touch of a button.
  • The machine frame is a stable, thick walled composite structure of steel and concrete that absorbs vibration.
  • Combining the T54 surface planer and the T45 thickness planer you have two specialists who complement each other perfectly. Extraction can be optionally connected to all T45 machines, depending on production environment, right or left, without restricting material and work flow in your facility.

  • Motor power, 5.5 kW
  • Cutter block speed, 5,000 rpm (optional 6,000 rpm)
  • Cutter block, TERSA Z2 (optional Xplane)
  • Cutter block diameter, 125mm
  • Planing width, 500 mm
  • Chip removal, max. 8 mm
  • Control, none
  • Extraction connection, 160 mm
  • Weight, approx. 1,200 kg

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