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T45 | Planer

  • Easy to use control precisely moves the table with four solid legs which are built into the 12 cm strong composite frames.
  • Chip removal of up to 12 mm is therefore no problem, just like the finest planing work to under 2.8 mm residual thickness. Delivers cleanly planed surfaces, is quick and easy to operate and has a perfect price/performance ratio.
  • The electronics offer memory space for 99 planing dimensions, any desired step dimension can be stored under programme “0”.
  • Thanks to the TERSA solid steel cutterhead with its form-fit blade sets all surfaces are perfectly planed – and the blade change takes place in a few seconds.
  • TERSA reversible blades are available in four different qualities. i.e. the perfect blade for any task.
  • The standard Z4 cutterhead can be operated as a Z2 cutterblock by using two dummy blades.
  • The new 3 row Xplane cutterblock from MARTIN impresses with a remarkably smooth operation even when idling.
  • This impression is again underlined with the cutterhead in action – it works at a very low noise level. Even the largest chip removal needs a surprisingly low motor rating – another advantage.
  • Model shown with the following accessories: T4501 Motor rating 7.5 kW, T4520 Thicknessing table equipped with guide rollers, T4521 450 mm thicknessing table extension, foldable and T4530 Automatic lubrication.


  • Motor power, 5.5 kW (optional 7.5 kW, 11.0 kW)
  • Cutter block speed, 5,000 rpm (optional 6,000 rpm)
  • Cutter block, TERSA Z4 (optional Xplane)
  • Cutter block diameter, 125mm
  • Planing height, 2.8 – 300 mm
  • Planing width, 630 mm
  • Chip removal, max. 12 mm
  • Control, single axle control
  • Feed 6 | 12 m/min (optional, continuous)
  • Profiling depth, n/a
  • Extraction connection, 160 mm
  • Weight, approx. 1,350-1,500kg

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