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240 profile sanders


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Sanders | Profile Sander

Series 240 | Profile Sander

  • Features two counter-rotating spindles to be used with brush type sanding wheels, which include Pro-Flex, Flex-Trim, SlipCon, and others.
  • Sanding wheel conforms to a profile as the parts are pressed into the sanding wheel.
  • 18 inches of vertical adjustment, which allows the brushes to be placed above or below parts exiting machines, being transported on conveyors, or fed across tables. Dual inverters allow the motors to run in sensorless vector mode, giving excellent speed regulation.
  • The inverters and disconnect switch pivot and / or slide up and down on the mount.
  • The mount can also be moved from one side to the other to provide clearance for various setups. The tilt ranges from vertical through horizontal.

  • Motors, (2) 1 hp 6 pole 3ph
  • Voltage, 241: 120 or 208-240V 1ph 50-60hz, 242: 208-240V 1 or 3ph 50-60hz, 244: 400-480V 3ph 50-60hz
  • Variable speed, AC inverter, 100-1200rpm
  • Arbor, 1”Dia. x 10”L Long
  • Vertical travel, 18”
  • Spindle Height (vert), 31”-49”
  • Spindle Height (horiz), 30”-48”
  • Footprint, 37.5” wide, 32” deep
  • Dust Collection, 4” round, 400cfm

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240 profile sanders240 profile sanders240 profile sanders