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4455 planer


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4455 | 22” Planer

The Oliver 4455 22” Planer puts other planers to shame. With a super wide capacity, it’ll handle stock up to 22” wide, and take up to 3/16” off in a single pass. But volume isn’t everything, this Oliver outputs stock that’s smooth and straight. A sectional infeed roller and chip breaker apply uniform pressure on uneven stock, coupled with a driven outfeed roller to keep your stock moving smoothly. Add 2 feed speeds for extra quality, a digital thickness scale for quick reference and a powerful 7.5 or 10HP motor, and you’ve got a planer that’s ready to tackle the toughest tasks!

  • Available with three styles of a cutter head, straight, helical, or authentic BYRD.
  • BYRD Shelix and helical carbide inserts are indexed for quick changing.
  • Massive cast iron construction throughout.
  • Polished built-in table roller assists movement of rough stock.
  • Segmented infeed roller and sectional chip breaker easily handle rough stock.
  • 2-speed gear box provides the perfect feed rate.
  • Magnetic controls with emergency off switch for safer operation.
  • Digital readout allows precise thickness settings.
  • Hinged access to cutter head and feed rollers for quick set-up.
  • Easy access to motor, drive train, and gearbox assist in maintenance and adjustment.
  • 5” dust chute easily handles chip removal.
  • 3 V-belt drive smoothly transfers power to drive train and cutter head.
  • Powerful TEFC motor available in single or three-phase.
  • *Optional 440/460 volt available special order only. Additional cost/parts may apply.

  • Stock No. (7.5HP, 1Ph, Straight), 4455.001
  • Stock No. (10HP, 3Ph, Straight), 4455.002
  • Stock No. (7.5HP, 1Ph, 30mm), 4455.103.2S
  • Stock No. (10HP, 3Ph, 30mm), 4455.104.2S
  • Stock No. (7.5HP, 1Ph, Byrd), 4455.103.B
  • Stock No. (10HP, 3Ph, Byrd), 4455.104.B
  • Maximum Stock Width, 22”
  • Maximum Depth of Cut, 3/16”
  • Maximum Stock Thickness, 9”
  • Minimum Stock Thickness, 1/8”
  • Minimum Stock Length, 10”
  • Dust Port Diameter, 5”
  • Minimum CFM Required, 900 CFM
  • Infeed Roller Diameter, 3”
  • Outfeed Roller Diameter, 3-5/16”
  • Feed Speeds, 20 and 30 FPM
  • Bed Rollers, 2, Adjustable
  • Table Size, 32-1/4” L x 23-3/4” W
  • Footprint, 44” L x 22” W
  • Overall Dimensions, 45” W x 32” D x 50” H
  • Cutterhead Diameter, 3”
  • Number of Knives (straight), 4
  • Number of Knives (helical), 90 (30mm) 110 (Byrd)
  • Cutterhead Speed, 5,000 RPM
  • Table Support, 2-Column
  • Motor (1Ph), 7.5HP, 220V Only
  • Motor (3Ph), 10HP, 240V/440V, Prewired 220V (26/13 AMPS)
  • Net Weight, 1,505 lbs.
  • Gross Weight, 1,568 lbs.

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4455 planer4455 planer4455 planer4455 planer4455 planer