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se-25cnc-ts-ps single end dovetailer cnc


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Dovetailers | Single End Dovetailer CNC

SE-25CNC-TS-PS | Single End Dovetailer CNC

  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Servo controls for consistency.
  • Programmable side stops.
  • Touch screen operator interface.
  • DODDS proven precision dovetail spindle unit.
  • Machine processes two fronts and/or backs per mortise cycle and one pair of drawer sides per tenon cycle.
  • Can process two parts of any drawer height up to 12” without changing tooling.
  • Consistent dovetail tenon size, even with resharpened cutters, using the tool comp feature.
  • Can reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating filling and sanding.
  • Dovetail solid and ply materials.
  • New dovetail cutter design.
  • Factory technical assistance.

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se-25cnc-ts-ps single end dovetailer cnc