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c-48n clamp


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Dovetailers | Universal Drawer Clamp

C-48N | Universal Drawer Clamp

  • Assembles drawers of all construction types quickly and precisely.
  • Ideal for both custom and long production runs, this machine features almost zero set up time and requires no set up tools.
  • It has powered opening and closing for different drawer widths, and quick set stop pins for different drawer depths.
  • Assembles drawers with standard English (finger type) dovetails, bored and doweled drawers, tongue and dado, box and butt joints.

  • Electrical controls for machine operation.
  • No tools needed for set up.
  • Servo powered screw for automatic opening, closing and clamping.
  • Full length platens.
  • Center support for wide drawers.
  • Foot pedal operation.
  • Quick release of clamp pressure built into foot pedal.
  • Accessibility for securing the drawer bottom.
  • Continuous clamping of the drawer until the drawer bottom is secured with hot melt, staples, or equivalent.
  • Width scale for quick set up.
  • Two hand controls.

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c-48n clamp