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CMJ-HSK | Coping Machine

The CMJ-HSK is a machine designed for chip free coping or tenoning of either square or profiled parts without the need for a back-up piece or chip breaker. The CMJ-HSK is manually operated with 2 counter rotating vertical spindles. One spindle clears the leading edge of the rail with the other spindle then moving in and processing the remainder of the components width. This machine has 2 independent HSK spindle motors with a quick-release tool change feature. If you run multiple profiles a day, this will save you hours of time. The CMJ-HSK will provide a clean, tear-out free, end coped/tenoned part every time!

  • 8″ part width capacity
  • Counter rotating spindles to eliminate tear out
  • Heavy duty frame and components
  • Scissor lock clamp that applies up to 600 lbs. of force (Top Clamp)
  • Side Clamp
  • Auto feed carriage
  • Dual 10 HP HSK Spindles
  • Air Locking Tooling on each spindle
  • 5/8″ maximum cut depth
  • Ability to cut multiple parts per cycle
  • 5″ maximum cutter head diameter
  • Minimum part length 3″
  • Cycle time: 7 seconds (approx.)
  • Material thickness: 1/2″ to 1″


  • 12″ Part width capability
  • Increased thickness capacity

  • Size: 58"W x 32"D x 57"H
  • Air PSI: 90-110
  • Power Requirement: 220 V 3 Ph
  • Dust Collection Ports: 4" (2x)
  • Dust Collection CFM: 700

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