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Rip Saws | Automatic Ripsaw Infeed

Power_RIP | Automatic Ripsaw Infeed

Maximum performance and material yield on circular edgers, resaws and multirip saws is achieved through optimum assessment, alignment and grading of the workpieces. PAUL edging and ripping systems assist the operator in performing these tasks, making his work very much easier, more efficient and safer. The POWER_RIP feeding systems can be combined with different types of rip saws resulting in highly flexible high-efficiency processing lines suiting individual requirements.

The POWER_RIP series ranges from alignment aids to high-efficiency systems for maximum yield optimization. The POWER_RIP feeding system not only centers the individual workpieces, but also skews them longitudinally taking into account their crook and taper – semi or fully automatically depending on the degree of automation provided. On a semi-automatic system it is the operator who grades and aligns the workpiece whereas the machine control determines the optimum ripping pattern and feeds the workpiece into the machine.

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