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lsp1300 stp series



Planers | STP-850, STP-1000 & STP-1300 Series Heavy Duty Planer

LSP1300 | STP-850, STP-1000 & STP-1300 Series Heavy Duty Planer

  • Powerful spiral cutterhead motor offers spiral high chip removal rate, superior surface finish and low noise level.
  • Inverter drives variable feeding speed (range 0-25m/min).
  • Digital position controller allows convenient thickness setting and automatic positioning from keypad.
  • Ruggedly constructed throughout including heat treated, precision ground, Heavy Duty cast iron table.
  • Powered table elevation (standard!) allows fast and convenient thickness setting.
  • Two (2) Ø 1½” jack screws provide solid table support.
  • Corrugated sectional infeed rollers move independently for variable thickness feeding.
  • Four (4) table rollers and two (2) each infeed & outfeed rollers run in unison to provide smooth operation even for heavy-duty use.
  • Enhanced operator safety provided by Anti-kickback fingers at infeed end and additional emergency stop switch on back of the machine.
  • Power driven table rollers off er consistent and powerful feeding effect.
  • Includes FREE tool box with service kit, extra knives & air ratchet.

  • Max. Width of Stock, Up to 52” (1300mm)
  • Table Area, Up to 55” x 54” (1397 x 1371mm)
  • Cutterhead Diameter, 5.9” (150mm)
  • Cutterhead Speed, 4600 rpm
  • Cutting Circle, 4” (101mm)
  • Spiral Raw Numbers, 8
  • Spiral Inset Size, 15 x 15 x 2.5mm
  • Feeding Rollers, 4” (100mm) x 2pcs
  • Table Rollers, 4” (100mm) x 4pcs
  • Range of Feeding Speed, 0-25 m/min
  • Max Cutting Depth, 5/16” (8mm)
  • Stock Thickness Range, 3/8” - 8” (9.5-203mm)
  • Cutterhead Motor, Up to 30HP
  • Feed Drive Motor, Up to 2HP

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lsp1300 stp serieslsp1300 stp serieslsp1300 stp serieslsp1300 stp serieslsp1300 stp serieslsp1300 stp series