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lk 0 glue nozzle



Gluing Systems | Glue Pistol

LK 0 | Glue Pistol

The LK glueing-system is supplied with the manual glue pistol LK 0. The glue quantity is regulated via the rotary knob behind the trigger.

LK100 is intended for system installation and is operated via external controls. LK110 features integrated pneumatic control, which accurately regulates the glue flow duration. The pistol is manually positioned at the correct location. When the trigger is pressed, an accurately dosed glue quantity is automatically applied to the work piece.

  • Adjustable glue quantity
  • Non-drip and very easy to clean
  • Bayonet coupling for rapid nozzle changes
  • Maintenance-friendly

  • Adhesive type: Physically bonding water- based adhesive, e.g PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate PVAc)
  • Viscosity: 6'000 – 16'000 mPas
  • Unsuitable adhesives: Reactive adhesives (PU or PUR, superglue, two-component adhesives, etc.), solvent-based adhesives (epoxy resin, contact adhesives, etc.)

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