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The Lamello gluing-system combines ease of use and efficient glue application with minimal cleaning requirements. The stainless steel pressure tank holds either 3, 5 or 10 kg of glue at a pressure of max. 5 bars. To start the glue application, you simply connect the desired nozzle to the glue pistol via the bayonet coupling. When finished, the nozzle can be washed under the tap and the front of the glue gun wiped clean. The LK glue applicators can be stored for weeks with the pressurised PVA glue in the system.

  • Stainless steel pressure tank guarantees long service life
  • Minimal cleaning required; only pistol head and nozzles
  • Only a single pump is required to expel the entire volume of glue

Glue in the pressure tank is always ready for use. Glue application is started by simply attaching the required nozzle to the fixed glue pistol via the bayonet coupling. A single pump is enough to expel the entire 3, 5 or 10 kg volume of glue, even over an extended period of time.

Easy metering of glue volume by a simple dial adjustment. Precise, repeated dosage available with the "one-shot" system as well.

A wide range of nozzles ensures that the glue is always applied to the correct location – be it in dowel holes, on the surface or in the groove – thus ensuring strong connections without glue waste.

Rapid application due to glue pressurization, ideal dosage and correct nozzle for every job. Bayonet coupling for quick nozzle changes. System is always ready for use and requires minimal cleaning of the glue pistol head and nozzles.

  • LK-3 (1 Gallon) Glue System With Pistol 
  • LK-5 (1.5 Gallon) Glue System With Pistol
  • LK-10 (3 Gallon) Glue System With Pistol 
  • LK-3P One-Shot Glue System 
  • LK-5P One-Shot Glue Sytem
  • LK-10P One-Shot Glue System  
  • LK-110 One-Shot Glue Pistol  

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