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Matrix | SCM Matrix UV Dryer

MATRIX is an UV LED system. The UV LED solutions developed by Superfici that perfectly meet the level of performance required by the most innovative UV coating cycles.

Thanks to an intense work in cooperation with the main finishing manufacturers, Superfici has optimized the various systems of its range to meet the demands of applied energy levels, emission wavelengths and efficiency expressed precisely by the various lacquers products. Suitable systems for both wood finishing and graphic arts.

  • ENERGY SAVING: up to 70% than a UV traditional system.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: No noisy and expensive air suction system thanks to the ozone absence in the LED lamps.
  • COSTS SAVING: There are no more problems with mercury and ozone lamps disposal, the Led light is without infrared which allows quality, energy saving, cost saving benefits and being a cold light doesn’t heat the piece avoiding future costs for cooling systems.

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