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Unique 4500


Unique Machine and Tool

Shapers | Unique 4500 Shape and Sand

4500 | Unique 4500 Shape and Sand

The 4500 series machine’s modular design can be configured with anywhere from
one to six stations. The combination of a one piece welded steel frame along with the
conveyor’s six inch wide pads, five staggered rows of hold down rollers and direct
drive motors assure that the parts are held firmly for a chatter-free cut to provide the
best finish possible.

(2) 10HP direct drive variable speed floating shapers
 2HP floating & tilting sanding motors
 Unique software makes changeover easy
 5" stacking capacity with floating stations
 Variable speed conveyor
 Service and support that only Unique can provide
 Every machine with two shaper stations comes stander with "Jump Cope" to
eliminate tear out of end grain

  • Shaper Motor                              (2) 10hp Himmel Direct Drive, 220V, 30A, 3HP Motor, optional                                                    440V - 14A
  • Shaper Spindle                            1-1/4" mandrel, 5" stack height
  • Compressede Air Requirements      90PSI - 2 CFM
  • Dust Collection                             (2) 5" dia 1200CFM & (2) 4" dia 600CFM
  • Work height                                  41"
  • Machine Footprint                         117" Width x 48" Depth

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Unique 4500