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KR 610


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Rip Saws | ProfiRip KR 610

KR 610 | ProfiRip KR 610

A powerhouse for the highest demands in modern production. Ideal in the
performance range of up to 140 mm cut height. Extreme flexibility and optimal wood
recovery with up to 6 adjustable saw blades. Optimal production performance with
processing widths of 610 mm. With feed speeds of up to 80 m/min, the ProfiRip 610
represents optimal performance, flexibility and productivity.


  •  The TimberMax 3.0 optimization program allows you to extract the most out of your
  • raw materials.
  •  The rotating chain brushes reliably clean residual resin and sawdust from the
  • feed chain.
  •  Spikes on the chain enhance the grip on the workpiece.
  •  High performance potential
  •  Maximum stability and productivity — even with extreme loads
  •  Glueable cut
  •  Outstanding user-friendliness
  •  SafetyPlus anti kick-back device
  •  Can be optimally integrated into system solutions
  •  Up to 6 movable saw blades
  •  Optimal cutting quality
  •  Up to 6 automatically adjustable saw blades
  •  Short setup times
  •  Large performance range
  •  Variable for a range of applications
  •  Robust, long-lasting construction

Technical data

Max. cutting width

610 mm

Chain width

630 mm

Max. number of movable saw blades


Max. throat width Standard (option)

960 mm (1,110 mm)

Max. cutting height with bushing


with pressure board

125 mm

without pressure board

140 mm

Max. cutting height with adjustable saw blades


with pressure board

110 mm

without pressure board

125 mm

Min. timber length with use of the pressure board (option)

500 mm (320 mm)

Max. feed speed (option)

48 m/min (80 m/min)

Motor power (option)

55 kW (110 kW)

Number of pressure rollers (option)

4 (6)

Setting speed of blade adjustment (option)

300 mm/sec

Saw blade diameter min./max.

250 mm / 400 mm


5,700 kg

Dimensions length x width x height

2.2 x 2.7 x 2.0 m

Working height

850 mm

Extraction diameter

350 mm

Required extraction speed

30 m/sec

Required extraction volume

10,400 m3/h


Mastercut controls


Pneumatic top pressure


Electrical height adjustment of saw shaft


Electrical height adjustment of pressure unit


High-performance chain




Laser on blade adjustment machines (M)


Laser on machines with fixed arbor setup


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