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ezypac 100



Flooring Nesters | Ergonomic Nesting System

EZYPAC 100 | Ergonomic Nesting System

EZYPAC 100 Ergonomic Nesting System: speeding-up packaging by minimizing unproductive motions.

  • Upon exiting the End-Matcher, flooring is kept good face up in exit sequence
  • "Select Grade" flooring is allowed to pass through without intervention
  • Lower volume grades and "re-work" are retrieved by the grader(s)
  • Nesters retrieve flooring from a reserve belt for assembling their bundle on two pneumatically retractable trays
  • A belt transfer device evacuates completed bundles
  • A collision avoidance system regulates bundle traffic all the way to the strapping machines
  • A grading conveyor for visual inspection of flooring exiting the End-Matcher
  • Three conveyor belts, one for each flooring grade
  • Four ergonomic nesting stations EZYPAC 100 with their reserve belts 
  •  A transit line and a staging conveyor for nested bundles 
  • A PLC to regulate flooring volume distribution and nested bundle transit


  • Additional EZYPAC 100 modules with conveyor belts and reserves
  • In high speed system, a board sequencer is added for "Select Grade" flooring automatic pass through
  • System controlled strapping machine(s)
  • Automatic stacker for "select flooring"
  • Production tracking and inventory input system
  • Automated system to split grades and volume if the flooring line includes a scanner100

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