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Rip Saws | Bottom Cutting Straight Line Rip Saw

R18 | Bottom Cutting Straight Line Rip Saw

The Cantek R18 bottom cutting straight line ripsaw is designed with performance and added safety in mind.  Cutting from below forces the workpiece down on to the feed chain for superior hold down.  In addition the blade can project up above the workpiece to allow the gullet to clear the chips which leads to less heat buildup resulting in longer blade life and improved cut quality.  The R18 is capable of producing a glue joint cut up to 12 feet.  The user friendly floating fence allows the operator to easily line up the material for optimum yield resulting in greater efficiencies.   The powerful 20HP direct drive ensures optimum feed rates no matter what material or thickness you are cutting.

  • Extra heavy-duty machine frame made of thick welded steel and cast iron
  • Split chain, double feed track with HRC60 Rockwell Hardened Guideways
  • Massive steel table with 26” maximum rip capacity
  • (8) hold down rolls and 41” long chain above the table ensures precision straight-line ripping
  • Automatic chain and track lubrication system ensures long life of the chain & track assembly
  • Saw arbor height is adjusted manually
  • Manual adjustment with linear scale for thickness setting
  • Saw arbor brake included
  • Anti-kickback fingers top and bottom for safe operation
  • Safety interlock on access door
  • Comes with 14” rip saw blade: 14mm pin holes on 65mm centers
  • Optional laser light to project the cutting line to help with cutting yield

  • Minimum length: 6"/ 150mm
  • Maximum sawblade diameter: 18" / 455mm
  • Sawblade included with machine: 14" / 355mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness for 14" blade: 3" / 75mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness for 16" blade: 4" / 100mm
  • Maximum cutting thickenss for 18" blade: 5" / 125mm
  • Sawblade bore: 2" / 50.8mm
  • Main motor: 20 hp
  • Feed motor: 3 hp
  • Feed speed (variable): 42-164fmp / 13-50 m/min
  • Saw arbor brake system: standard
  • Number of pressure rolls: 8 rolls
  • Distance from saw blade to column: 26" / 660mm
  • Table dimensions: 78 3/4" x 40" / 2000 x 1015mm
  • Table height from floor: 33.46" / 850mm
  • Table width to left of blade: 16.73" / 425mm
  • Table width to right of blade: 23.23" / 590mm
  • Dust ports: Top 4", bottom 6" / Top 100mm, bottom 150mm
  • CFM required: 1400 cfm
  • Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 89" x 66" x 65" / 2240x1670x1650mm
  • Shipping weight: 4740 lbs / 2150 kgs
  • Electrics: 460/3/60 @ 32 amps / 230v & 575V optional

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