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gt610hi cardan shaft drive dbl surface planer


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Planers | 24" Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surface Planer

GT610HI | 24" Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surface Planer

The Cantek GT610HI Cardan Shaft Drive Double Surface Planer is capable of speeds up to 98 feet per minute and its robust cast-iron body & industrial cardan drive system ensure high production planing day in and day out.  The large diameter cutterheads are spiral type with two-sided solid carbide inserts which produce a clean finish with superior stock removal capacity. The spring loaded feed system passes the material over the bottom head allowing it to act like a jointer to flatten the board prior and then a sectional infeed roller feeds the material through the top head for accurate dimensioning.

  • Powerful 40HP top head motor and 30HP bottom head motor for maximum stock removal
  • Full cardan shaft feed system allowing for faster feed speeds up to 98 FPM
  • Planing capacity up to 24” wide and 8” thick
  • Pin type carpet feed system passes the material over the bottom head to ensure a flat surface
  • (7) bed rollers including (3) driven rolls for superior feed speeds
  • Spiral insert knife cutterheads with 6 rows of two-sided 30x12x2.5mm solid carbide insert knives provide superior stock removal, reduced machine load and noise, and optimum finish quality
  • Cast iron machine frame for superior vibration damping resulting in a long machine & bearing life
  • Chrome-plated tables and top and bottom for maximum wear resistance
  • Cutterheads are mounted in precision ABEC 7 RHP bearings
  • Feed system uses a spring-loaded pin arrangement to pass material over the bottom jointing head.
  • Sectional serrated infeed roll before the top cutterhead
  • Variable feed speed by frequency inverter (VFD) with digital display for the feed speed
  • Digital thickness control for quickly and precisely setting the desired thickness
  • Upper assembly is adjusted for desired thickness by four large diameter cylindrical posts
  • Adjustable infeed bed by easily accessible handwheel to set desired stock removal on the bottom head
  • Easy to access swivel control panel with individual ammeters for load monitoring and hour meter to aid in maintenance planning
  • Cutterhead starters are Y-Delta providing soft start to the heads for reduced power consumption on startup
  • Automatic lubrication to the conveyor feed system
  • High quality Schneider electrical components to CSA/UL standard

  • Max working width: 24", 610mm
  • Max working thickness: 8", 200mm
  • Min working thickness: 5/16", 8mm
  • Min working length: 12", 300mm
  • Cutterhead RPM: 5000 RPM
  • Cutterhead dia.: 5.3", 135mm
  • Feed speed: 30-98 FPM, 10-30 m/min
  • Top cutterhead motor: 40 HP
  • Bottom cutterhead motor: 30 HP
  • Feed motor: 5 HP
  • Table rolls: 7 (3) driven
  • Opening hoist motor: 1 HP
  • Machine wt.: 8800 lbs, 4000 kgs
  • Machine dim. (LxWxH): 112"x67"x67", 2830x1700x1700mm
  • Shipping wt.: 9240 lbs., 4200 kgs
  • Shipping dim. (LxWxH): 115"x75"x75", 2900x1900x1900mm

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