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Digital Measuring and Control | Cabinet Door Precise Measuring System

SKU-Pro-Table-Cab | Cabinet Door Precise Measuring System

ProTable-CAB is a two axis measuring system designed for quick and affordable length and width measurements of non-ferrous products such as glass, wood, ceiling tiles and other like products. Several standard configuration exist that offer size choices and optional computer/software choices.

The standard ProTable-CAB system is made with a 40 inch (vertical) x 60 inch (horizontal) measuring range. The moving carriages are built with battery powered digital readouts. With this system, an operator places a part onto the horizontal fence, then against the vertical fence. They read the dimensions on the digital readouts and compare the values for width and height to a ‘runner document’ or a production sheet. The operator then decides if the part measured is good or bad.

Notes about the baseline configuration:

  • Product measurements are not saved.
  • No input power is required; a battery in each readout lasts 12-18 months.

Common to all versions (before add-ons, accessories, or customization):

  • There is a very bright light bar included along the edge of the vertical fence. This allows the operator to visually inspect for squareness of the part. (With the light, the amount of out-of-square is subjective; not measured.)
  • The tilt angle of the table is adjustable for some size ranges.
  • Minimum measuring range for width is ~10 inches. (An optional offset block can be added for smaller parts.)
  • Fences are elevated off table surface slightly to allow dust/chips to escape automatically. Standard fences are ¾” thickness, made from hard anodized aluminum.
  • Jaws on carriages are 1” tall x 8” wide. Made from precision machined, hard anodized aluminum.

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