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sku-901-1510-600-240-g moulder read out system


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Digital Measuring and Control | Moulder Read Out System

SKU-901-1510-600-240-G | Moulder Read Out System

ProSet is a ProScale Model 150 system with a special Digital Readout designed for use on the top and outside heads of a woodworking moulder machine.  (a standard ProScale Model 150 is recommended for all other moulder axes.)

ProSet uses special firmware to display cutterhead radius and material outfeed dimensions.   Operators can digitally set the spindle position, push a button on the ProSet Readout, and read the outfeed dimension with digital accuracy.

ProSet can be installed on any moulder, even if its already equipped with shaft encoders.

When ProSet is used in conjunction with a ProStand moulder tool head measurement system, an even greater reduction in moulder setup time can be realized.


  • Battery or 12-24VDC operated LCD Readout.
  • Front panel settings for Calibration, Set-Up and Outfeed dimension.
  • Calibration settings are not lost due to power or signal interruption. The ProSet will remember its place even when you change the battery or remove power.
  • With ProScale Absolute technology, the likelihood of motor electrical noise, magnetic fields, or power transients affecting the measurement accuracy or signal integrity is rare.
  • Readout displays readings in Millimeters, Decimal inches or Fractions. 
  • One year warranty. 


  • Accuracy:  Better than +/- .002 inches (.05 mm)
  • Repeatability: +/- .001 inches (.03 mm)
  • Measurement Range: 10 inches (254 mm)
  • Encoder Cable Length: 240 inches (6096 mm)
  • Power: CR123 or equivalent battery

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